Cold Pressed Juice - Made To Order (In-Store Only)


Fresh cold pressed juice Made from local ingredients available in two sizes. There are 9 recipes in total for you to choose from. All the ingredients are soaked, scrubbed and wiped clean before use.


Raw Green Juice
OMG: Cucumber Celery Kale Lettuce
Green Detox: Cucumber Ginger Green Apple Capsicum Kale Spinach
Chill Out: Cucumber Ginger Green Apple Kale Lemon Pineapple

Other Raw Juices
Naked Mojito: Green Apple Pine Apple Mint
Shine Bright: Pear Pineapple Chia seed
Vita C: Apple Lemon Red-Capsicum
Keen Eye: Carrot Apple Ginger
Stressbuster: Apple Orange Lemon Ginger
Hangover Killer: Orange Ginger Beet

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