Meet the Juice Station Team

We are a very friendly team of young professionals with a simple mission.

"Care for customer, animals and the earth."

Call her "Dear"

Dear was born and brought up in a small island in southern part of Thailand. She studied finance and started her career as an Accountant.

Soon she found her feet in managing customer service teams for big companies like Apple & Maersk. She worked in Asia, Europe & Middle East for about 12 years. After getting married to Sujit, she migrated to Australia in early 2016. She loves Perth and loves calling it her new home.

She is the creator of Juice Station. It took her 6 months to come up with the juice and smoothie recipes you get at our stores. She spent countless hours in designing everything else that you see in Juice Station today, be it cups, bottles, tags, the menu or the posts in Facebook and Instagram. You will find her in one of our stores making tasty and healthy juices for you. If not at the stores, you will definitely see her in one of the events or in front of the computer working on the next recipe :)

Meet Rheeanna

Rheeanna was born and brought up in Perth. She loves being an ambassador at Juice Station and lives a vegan life. She is very energetic and will do anything to help save our environment. Here are few words from her when asked about what keeps her going at Juice Station.

“Being so passionate about health is one of my main focuses in life as I was born with bladder exstrophy and have spent most of my life in hospital. At 19 years old converting to a vegan/plant based lifestyle has helped my health in so many ways and realising how important it is to maintain a healthy body and mind has brought me to working with like minded people that have the same passions and focuses in life!”

New recipes and new ideas are her forte. You will see her in our store or in the events. She will remind you to recycle those bottles for sure when you meet her. :)