Top 11 Reasons Why You should do a Juice Cleanse!!!

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Top 11 Reasons Why You should do a Juice Cleanse!!!

One of the common questions people ask is why cleanse or why Juice Cleanse? In this article, I would like to share the benefits of doing a cleanse from my personal experience.

Fasting is one of the most ancient healing techniques in human history. Various types of fasting have been practiced by virtually every culture and religion on earth. There are countless benefits of fasting and Juice fasting. While most people talk about the benefits of doing a cleanse, I think it's important to keep a note of the benefits handy. Here is a list of benefits that I personally experienced in my journey of UC recovery.

1. Reduce your appetite: Consuming what your body really needs is the best way to take care of your gut health. However, in today's life, we all eat due to cravings and often we end up eating more than what our engine needs to run. When you cleanse your system, you will find yourself in better control of your appetite.

2. Rest Your Tummy: While doing cleanse your body still processes the Juices to get your daily dose of nutrition to keep you going. However, your stomach doesn't have to do the hard work to extract nutrition from cold-pressed juices. So this gives your stomach a bit of rest for few days.

3. Heal Your Liver: Your liver is the core of your body's natural detoxifying system. All the food molecules that pass through your intestinal wall will go through the liver before entering the rest of your body. In today's world, the pressure on your liver is quite high. A cleanse helps your liver rest.

4. Pause and Reset your gut balance: This is the most important benefit of doing a cleanse. In simple words, our gut is full of bacterias that are good and bad. But they are in a balance. However, by eating junk food we feed bad bacteria and break the natural balance. While doing cleanse you stop feeding the bad bacteria and restore balance up to the possible extent.

5. Nourish Your Body: A gust of new nutrition flows into your body. Raw juices have enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that you don't get via your cooked food due to heat applied. Juices also have important phytonutrients that help heal your gut and other cells.

6. Reduce harmful food: Juice Cleanse eliminates all junk food from your diet. You also don't take gluten, dairy, coffee and alcohol during this time. While you may not be allergic to gluten, caffeine and alcohol affect the way your body is designed to work naturally affecting your day to day performance.

7. Increase Your Energy Level: It takes a day to adjust your body to do cleanse due to your habit of eating solid food every day of your life. However, from day 2 you feel great with increased energy levels and mental clarity. Raw juices not only detoxify your body, they also allow your organs to heal.

8. Lose fat/weight: Juice cleanse package is not designed to lose weight, fat or to starve you. The purpose is to optimize your body function best for a healthier life. However, by avoiding the junk food and unnecessary carbohydrates you will experience some weight loss. A bit of personal experience. When I did my first 3 days cleanse in 2012 I started eating solid food from day 4 but didn't jump into regular food for 18 months. Personally, I lost 8 Kgs in 2 weeks by abstaining from all dairy, most carbohydrates and processed food.

9. Improve overall health: Cleansing regularly improves your overall health. It heals your intestinal walls resulting in better nutrition absorption. With better nutrition absorption you eat less to get the same amount of energy. Eating less results in less stress for your organs. When your organs perform better you achieve your full potential. Indirectly cleansing help with many chronic symptoms like headaches, rashes, sinus, bloating etc.

10. Improve Sleep & Skin Quality: Melatonin is found naturally in a lot of fruits and vegetables. As you are consuming a lot of these, you will naturally get a good night's sleep. When your liver, kidney and guts are working to their best potential, your skin will glow.

11. Stay motivated to be on a healthy diet: Most people eat a lot of carbohydrates than what their body needs. e.g. bread, noodles, rice and other processed food. By cleansing, you abstain from these food. After 3 days when you feel better, you tend to stay on a healthy path.

Now that you know the benefits, you may want to do a cleanse. I personally prefer to do a 3 day cleanse and introduce healthy food from day 4. 1 day is easier but not as effective as 3 days one. I'm not strong enough to do it for more than 3 days due my solid food cravings. I admire those who do it for 5 days or more. I've learned in my 18 months strict diet journey that, cleansing is necessary from time to time. I currently try to cleanse once a month depending on my schedule and I love the feeling each time I do it.

I would like to finish the article by answering a simple yet powerful question. People often ask what to eat when the cleanse is over. The simple answer is three words "Everything in Moderation".


Author - Sujit Mohanty.

UC Survivor.

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